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Anxiety: The “friend” that overstays its welcome

Anxiety is the primary symptom/diagnosis that I treat at Benhaven Counseling. Anxiety is tricky, it can be insidious. It can be constant and is something that feeds on self-doubt– and it loves to stick around for as long as it can. Today’s blog will address anxiety and offer tips for managing it. We all have […]

Stress from COVID – My Personal Story

It has been over two years since we all have been dealing with COVID-19 being an unwelcome part of our lives. Each of us has been exposed to or has known loved ones and friends who have had to deal with this virus. Although it is difficult to stay positive about something that feels that […]

Annette Laird LPCC

“I wanted to work more intimately with clients”, says Annette Laird LPCC and after 15 years working in community health it was time for a change. She credits her personal insight as the driving force behind her career choice. We are greatly pleased to have as part of our team.