Benhaven Counseling is Permanently Closed

To Our Loyal Patients,

Benhaven Counseling 2, LLC has ceased operations.  Please contact one of these local providers regarding your ongoing care:

Affiliates in Behavioral Health - 216-520-5969
Lifestance Health - 844-931-2118
Cleveland Psychiatry Associates - 440-630-9426

We encourage you to follow up with one of these practices. Please note that our office phone number is no longer staffed.

If you have the contact information of your specific provider, it is also encouraged for you to reach out to them.

If you would like to request a copy of your personal medical records or Protected Health Information (PHI) to be sent to your provider, please send a request to

All medical record requests will be processed in a timely manner to be sent to your provider ensuring continuity of care.